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I was searching through Technorati earlier today and I came across a post from a new host who posted on myspace. If you want to check out the blogosphere buzz about Blogtalkradio, I encourage each of you not only look through Technorati but Google Blogsearch.
Anyway, he goes on to say:

Well unfortunately, I never really went into the journalism field, I have very little experience on the radio (although i do call into radio shows), and they really just dont hand out radio shows to people….or do they? BlogTalkRadio is a website that is a website that gives people like myself a chance at the airwaves. They provide you with everything you need to produce your own show: a switchboard online that shows who is on the line currently, who is on hold, a separate phone # for people to call in, an option for people to IM you with their opinions, or email…whatever tickles their fancy.

My friend Jacque just recently started her own show on there and im telling you what, im soooooo doing this. Whether people call in or IM or participate, I dont really mind. But I am going to do this.

I couldn’t say it better myself; so I won’t.

Welcome aboard.

Alan Levy


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