BlogTalkRadio – -It’s Called Empowerment

In essence, what blogs have done to newspapers, Blogtalkradio will do to radio. We empower bloggers, podcasters or novices to speak and interact with their audience in a real time manner and that conversation is broadcast live to an unlimited number of listeners and than archived with RSS subscription.

Rather than using expensive digital recording equipment, all of our hosts can use any type of phone to broadcast their show.We launched our service less than three months ago and we have more than 600 hosts, covering more than 30 genre’s originating from more than 25 countries.

The uses of this platform are truly endless. Consider the following examples:

The Los Angeles fire department use BTR to reach out to the citizens of L.A. to discuss fire policy, prevention and to interview fire department officers –

An author interviews other authors, conducts book readings, promotes books etc. –

A politican could use BTR to conduct town hall meetings where they can take calls from voters, have unlimited global streaming and is archived for distribution

A leading pro Bush political blogger hosting talk shows, taking calls from their audience and speaking with guests –

University professors can broadcast their classes over the web and students can listen and ask questions from home if they can’t make it to the class.

Comedians or musicians trying out material in front of a live on-line audience –

An interview with one of the top bloggers in the blogosphere who will take calls from her audience –

We encourage everyone to visit Blogtalkradio, listen to a show or perhaps host your own talk show.

It’s called empowerment.

Alan Levy Š

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