BlogTalkRadio: It's Easy!

Folks are now starting to realize what we’ve been saying for over a year. BlogTalkRadio is an easy way to broadcast over the Internet. Anyone with a phone can be a radio host. Don’t believe us? Check out this awesome testimonial from Nathan Burke. He’s not on staff and we’re not paying him to sing our praises. He knows BTR is easier than more traditional forms of podcasting and less frustrating too.

We’d like to thank Nathan for singing our praises. Why not show your support by listening to his show?

One thought on “BlogTalkRadio: It's Easy!

  1. Nathan Burke

    Hi and thanks for the link. I can verify that I am not on staff, and BTR is definitely not paying me. 🙂
    Like I mentioned in my post, I’d been thinking about creating a podcast for a long time, but honestly felt overwhelmed. I’d come up with an idea and get stuck in the details (finding theme music, editing, recording, etc.), but honestly BTR makes it dead simple. Set up a segment, call a phone number, talk. Rinse, repeat.
    So thanks again for the post. I’m really enjoying our humble little podcast.


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