Blogtalkradio Nominated For AlwaysOn 100

I learned last night that Blogtalkradio was nominated by the editors of the AlwaysOn to the AlwaysOn 100. As noted on their site, “The AO100 represents the best of breed from all the technology sectors we cover, and therefore is our most distinguished annual Top 100 competition”.

Needless to say we are thoroughly excited to be nominated for this prestigious award. Those familiar with this blog and Blogtalkradio will recall that not long ago, Blogtalkradio in fact won one of the coveted spots in the AlwaysOn Hollywood 100. This award, given by the editorial board of Tony Perkin’s AlwaysOn, recognized BTR as one of the top 100 private digital media companies in the world. Quite a heady thought!!

The latest nomination goes one step further to include all global private technology companies. Nominated companies include Digg, Facebook, Feedburner, Joost and Linden Labs. These are world class companies and it is an honor to be mentioned in the same breath.

We will certainly put our best foot forward in order to get down to the final 100, however, regardless of the outcome of this editorial review, it pleases me that very smart people understand what we are trying to accomplish at Blogtalkradio.

Since our launch in August of last year, we have broadcast close to 15,000 live episodes. We have empowered thousands of bloggers and others to spread their message. We have hosts broadcasting from more than 20 countries covering more than 30 categories. Our hosts have interviewed notables such as Oliver Stone, Wesley Clark, Jennifer Hudson, Newt Gingrich and others. Our hosts interview senior officers from the military live from the front lines as well as middle school students in Pennsylvania. We host hundreds of sports shows as well as political shows covering all sides of the aisle.

Thank you AlwaysOn for considering Blogtalkradio as one of the top 100 private technology company’s in the world.


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