Blogtalkradio Welcomes SBnation

By a wide margin, the two most popular talk radio topics are politics and sports.

To date, we have spent a great deal of time developing our political content covering bloggers and hosts on the right, left and center. We have more 100 political hosts on Blogtalkradio, covering just about every topic. I invite you to check out our programming guide to find a host or topic that interests you. Listen to a live show, play an archived show or subscribe to your favorite shows via Itunes.

While we have plenty of sports talk shows, I am very excited that the guys at SBNation are joining the Blogtalkradio network. The SBNation blog and network of sites is one one of the largest in the blogosphere. There is no doubt that sports talk radio will be widely followed at Blogtalkradio and there is no doubt that the SBNation Sports Report will be a rousing success.

The premiere episode will take place on Sunday night, March 11th, at 8:00PM EST. The show can be found here,

See you “on-air”



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