Heading Left

BlogTalkRadio welcomes James Boyce and Nate Wilcox and their new show “Heading Left“. Heading Left will be a part of the new web site HeadingLeft.com.

This excerpt is from Heading Left and best describes the website.

Heading Left will be a site that celebrates and aggregates the best writing and commentary from all of the best left wing blogs and websites including all the ones you’ve heard of and a few you just haven’t heard of yet. Every day, we will showcase the best of the best, and we will let you know which pieces are getting read the most, which pieces are getting commented the most and which pieces are getting emailed around the most. We also will showcase news and information about the progressive community online and how it is changing politics as we know it forever.

Nate blogged this morning about the new show on MyDD and outlines alot of the things James and he have planned for this year so far.

Welcome aboard James and Nate, BlogTalkRadio is proud to be able to bring its listeners “a little more to the left”.

Stay tuned as the guys plan debates and interviews. With the presidential elections looming in 2 years, they will not be at a lack for guests, from what I understand they will be bringing us up close and personal with some of the candidates in the near future.

PS. They even had the blogfather Jerome Armstrong on as a first guest.

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