Mark Frauenfelder on Blogtalkradio

In October of last year, I was fortunate to have Arianna Huffington as a guest on Blogtalkradio.

Towards the end of the show, Mark Frauenfelder the co-founder of BoingBoing called into the live show. As the three of us chatted about such things as how to maintain enough energy during the day or ways to scale a business, I couldn’t help but think how cool it was to have two of the most prolific bloggers conversing live, streamed everywhere and on the Blogtalkradio network.

blog radioMark and I exchanged a few email’s since that time and last week, Mark sent me a note mentioning that he has finished his new book called “Rule the Web:How to anything and everything on the internet – better, faster, easier”. .

Mark will be joining me as my guest tonight at 9:00PM EST to discuss his new book, his storied background and of course the tremendous success of BoingBoing. Here is the link for the live stream as well as the archived podcast.

As with all Blogtalkradio broadcasts, we will take calls from listeners. If you would like to participate by calling into the show, dial 347-677-0649 during the live broadcast. If you can’t make the live show, than do take a listen to the archive.

The top blogger appearing on the top blogging radio network…..makes complete sense to me.


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