Move Over Rush, Ed is in the House

While Rush Limbaugh has a larger listening audience, Ed Morrissey from the hugely popular conservative blog Captains Quarters will soon join the ranks as a full time Blogtalkradio staffer.

In a post on Ed’s blog entitled When The Hobby Becomes The Profession, Ed discusses his decision to leave the life as a call center manager and delve full time into the world of new media in the form of Blogtalkradio.

Ed, who will be joining as our Political Director on April 16th, will be responsible for many exciting projects including the development of a daily afternoon broadcast, introducing more conservative bloggers to BTR, interviewing candidates from Presidential and Congressional races, etc.

From the outset, I always wanted Blogtalkradio to be a fair and balanced platform where bloggers on the left, right and center could express themselves on one common platform. Quite frankly, I am tired of the polarization not just with tradtional media but with the political blogsopshere as welll.

With the help of James Boyce, Nate Wilcox and Lowell Feld, we have currently have 111 political hosts on Blogtalkradio including hosts broadcasting shows from Ireland, Brazil, Italy and many other countries. Now with Ed about to join, the party will only get bigger and better. Stat tuned…

Finally, a few minutes ago at 9:00PM EST, I noticed that we were broadcasting 15 live shows during the 9:00 hour. That my friends is a record and so is the number of shows we are airing today….101!

Now that’s kind of cool.


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