My Trip To London

My Trip to London,

As I sit on the Virgin flight heading back home, I couldn’t help but wonder how enlightening these last three days have been.

As I posted the other day, I was invited to London by the British Council to present Blogtalkradio to a group of young leaders from around the world. Sixty of the brightest young minds were assembled in London to compete for a chance to attend this years World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

I was invited as one of 7 “technical gurus”, which sounds completely bizarre to those that actually know me. The attendees were scheduled to participate in workshops to strengthen their skills as they make their case in a balloon debate to be held Saturday morning.

Last night, as I was walking to 11 Downing Street, Gordon Brown’s residence it occurred to me that Blogtalkradio has certainly made significant strides in less than five months. Before meeting the delegates at Downing Street, I was invited to meet with the top communication directors at the British Council.

The British Council is truly a worldwide operation. With more than 7,500 staff in 119 countries, the BC does everything from building schools in Nambia, to building telecom infrastructure in Sri Lanka. Their mission is to bring communities together and foster tolerance amongst different peoples. Global communication and dialogue is crucial to their success and as I gave my presentation on the potential uses of Blogtalkradio, I could see that my message hit home.

While I am hopeful that the British Council will consider using Blogtalkradio as a key element to their communication platform, it occurred to me that providing the key elements of our platform to global organizations will develop in a significant way.

I will post more in the coming days, but right now jet lag is setting in. I do have to mention my guest appearance on 18 Doughty Street. Doughty Street is an internet TV talkshow hosted by Iain Dale. Here is the clip and I suggest you catch a bit of the first hour. We had quite an enjoyable conversation especially with the guest to my left.

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