Not Just Another Monday

We have an exciting day at Blogtalkradio. We have more than 100 hundred broadcasts scheduled to air ‘live” on our network today.

At 1:00PM EST, James Boyce and Nate Wilcox will be joined by Presidential candidate Bill Richardson on Heading Left. Here is the link

At 1:30 PM EST Technology blogger Stowe Boyd will be joined by Chris Messina on Stowe’s BTR shows /Talkshow. Here is the link

At 11:00PM EST Oscar winning director Oliver Stone will appear live on Jason O’Brien’s show Oscar, Oscar. Here is the link

I encourage you to set a reminder for these shows which appears on our host channel. If you can’t make it for the live show, no worries, you can find the archive at the same location and in one or two clicks, have it downloaded to Itunes.

As I said above, not just another Monday at Blogtalkradio.

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