Some Thoughts from Podcast Expo

I am sitting in the Long Beach, CA airport waiting to board a flight to JFK after just leaving the 2006 Podcast Expo in Ontario, Ca.

The show had a lot of excitment and buzz. It’s always the case with new and emerging industries. I saw the same thing in the mid 1990’s in the European Telecom space. The podcasting industry is so new and you can clearly see that the space is gaining momentum.

Blogtalkradio did not have a booth at the conference because by the time we launched our company on July 25th, 2006, I didn’t even know this show was taking place. Podcasting companies like Podango, Podcast Show, Podtech all had a prominent presence at the show. Other companies, most of which I can’t recall displayed podcasting equipment, Ipod accessories, podcasting magazines, etc.

I checked out most of the exhibits and I must admit that I have no idea how these various podcasting content facilitators and aggregators can differentiate themeselves. A feature here a feature there, an exciting host here and another there.

Everywhere I went throughout the exhibit hall, break out sessions, panels, etc. I was looking for a discusison on introducing a “live” element to the podcast. No one, and I mean no one uttered such a word. Live, what do you mean live???

The reason for this is quite simple and that is because no conventional podcasting companies record a live broadcast where the host can engage their audience live. Personally, I believe that a live interactive format is far more engaging and entertaining than a prerecorded broadcast. Many people I spoke with at the conference (apart from the podcasting companies) seemed to agree with my assessment.

Finally, the blogosphere has exploded because it’s free, it’s open, it’s easy, it’s sharing, it’s forgiving (you can make a typo), etc. etc. It seems to me that the podcasting space is moving in an entirely different direction. It’s expensive, it’s complicated, it’s closed, it’s not forgiving, there are station managers, directors and producers. It’s anything but viral.

I think we get it at Blogtalkradio and I encourage anyone with a phone, something to say, something to share or an inquiring mind to visit our site and take a look around.


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