The Cream Rises To The Top

At Blogtalkradio, one of our key initiatives for 2007 was to focus on attracting high quality, diverse content to our network.

I am happy to say that we are off to a terrific start.

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to interview Congressmen Duncan Hunter, Republican Presidential Candidate from California. Congressman Hunter and I had a nice chat the day after he announced he was running for President. Continuing on the right side of the aisle, our new host, Ed Morrissey, has begun to do weekly shows on Thursday nights at 10:00PM EST called CQ Radio.

Ed will have good company with longtime BTR Hosts, Pamela Geller who hosts Atlas On The Air and Jaco Pastorious who hosts the Infidel Show.

In order to maintain a proper balance with our political content we are equally excited to host the first show for the hugely popular progressive blog MyDD . Their first show on Blogtalkradio can be heard live today at 5:00PM EST. Click here to listen to their kick off broadcast. MyDD follows Heading Left hosts James Boyce and Nate Wilcox and Taylor Marsh who hosts a show on BTR as well.

While I have highlighted a few of our notable political shows, our network now covers more than 30 different categories and more than 2000 hosts.

Since our launch in August 2006 we have accomplished a great deal, however, we have yet to scratch the surface as what we are (and all of us) can achieve.

See you “on-air”


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