The Start Of Something Big

Hello, my name is Ed Morrissey, and I’m a blog-obsessive …

Tomorrow, I start working for Blog Talk Radio on a full-time basis after more than three and a half years blogging at Captain’s Quarters, and I could not be more excited — both for myself and for the opportunities in store for Blog Talk Radio. When I began blogging, I had hoped to find an outlet for my political beliefs and for a mechanism with which to improve my writing skills. I could not possibly had imagined that it would change my life so dramatically, and that I would find myself in the vanguard of the professional class of the New Media.

As much as blogging represented that opportunity for writers four years ago, I believe Blog Talk Radio holds out even more opportunities for writers and talkers now. We have just begun operations eight months ago, and already we have a wide variety of shows for listeners to enjoy — and not just in politics. We expand our reach every day into new topics and new issues, and we see no limit.

Blog Talk Radio gives everyone a microphone, and more importantly, a solid technical platform that alllows for immediate dialog. Instead of posting an essay and waiting for comments and e-mails, New Media people can interact directly with those who agree or disagree — and the debate will be both entertaining and instructive for all. It democratizes the talk-show medium just as blogging democratized the print media. And as an added bonus, Blog Talk Radio will soon bring advertisers and an opportunity for hosts to share in the revenue.

Come on — who wouldn’t get excited by that?

I’m coming in on the ground floor of something big. You’ll see me post here more often and also at Heading Right, the new blog for conservative talk-show hosts that I will shortly launch for Blog Talk Radio. In the meantime, start bookmarking your favorite shows and join the debate.

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