‘Bigfoot’ Finder Rick Dyer Admitted to Trickery in July BTR Interview

Rick Dyer, the Georgia man who claims to have found a Bigfoot corpse, said last month that he and co-finder Matthew Whitton, also of Georgia, were purposely duping the public to drum up interest in the story.

In his first interview about the find, July 28 on BlogTalkRadio’s The Squatch Detective, Dyer said of “teaser” videos he and Whitton had released:

“What we’re trying to do is get everybody pissed [off]. And then, on September 1, everyone will have to eat their words.”

In response, host Steve Kulls said, “You intrinsically said about 80 percent of the video itself was crap.”

Apparently supporting Kulls’ statement, Dyer told the host that an “expert” in one of the videos was in fact Whitton’s brother.

“We throw hints in[to the video]. Like [Matt Whitton’s] brother, Morton Whitton, ‘Dr. Van Buren.’ If you watch the previous videos, you will see him in other photos in the other videos. But no one has caught that.”

Will finder's chicanery squash Squatch tale?

The alleged corpse: Will finder's chicanery squash Squatch tale?

Dyer also tells Kulls, “The freezer we’re supposed to have [Bigfoot] in, well, all you have to do is freeze-frame that and you will see it’s like four feet long.”

Later in the show, a caller asks, “You said earlier you’re going to reveal some information September 1. Am I to understand someone is taking the body – or are you selling the body?”

“Yes, I am selling the body,” Kulls replies. “But it’s going to be in my possession for one month after September 1. And then [the buyer] will take possession of the body.”

Later still, another caller asks, “You think by riling up the Bigfoot community, by pissing everybody off, you think that’s gonna make them buy your T-shirts?”

“Oh, yea. Yes,” says Dyer. “We’re selling a lot of T-shirts… We’re going to continue to build up the hype.  We’re going to continue doing everything we’re doing.  The more people we piss off, the better for us.”

Earlier this week, Dyer and Whitton announced they would be holding a press conference today in California, where they promised to unveil hard evidence of the half-man, half-ape they claim is seven feet, seven inches tall and weighs 500 pounds – or, as Dyer described it on BlogTalkRadio, “Like two Andre the Giants.”

But that event proved to be something of a bust.

One Fox News headline read “Bigfoot Hunters Reveal Little at Press Conference,” while a Cox News Service headline read “‘Bigfoot’ Press Conference Reveals Possum DNA.”

Click here to hear Dyer’s original interview.

Meanwhile, Kulls, who lives in upstate New York, tells us he landed in Georgia just hours ago to inspect the alleged Sasquatch body.

And on his show Monday, Aug. 18, he says he’ll issue a statement about his findings.

Will the Georgia beast turn out to be the genuine article – or just a big bamboozle?

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “‘Bigfoot’ Finder Rick Dyer Admitted to Trickery in July BTR Interview

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  2. wendy w the Gen-Xpert

    by gaiving misleading info about ‘bigfoot’ you are only hurting the subject and discrediting actually finding such a creature. Most intereting story i heard was from a woman in southern ohio, who said a whole family of bigfoot come out and just ‘sit quietly’ near her property. and what happened to ‘Bugs’ in WA state who claims he buried two similar creatures?

  3. brian hough

    hope you enjoy your little retarded moment of fame,if anyone believes you two idiots then it shows how dumb society is lol


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