‘Game On!’ Commentators Pull No Punches on BlogTalkRadio’s Hot New Political Show

Had enough of fat-cat Fortune 500 execs crying poverty after running their companies into the ground – then having the gall to asked Uncle Sam for multi-billion-dollar bailout packages?

John: Jabs at "Joe the Plumber."

Fed up with psychopathic hedge-fund managers who swindle their clients out of $50 billion?

Can’t stand the thought of another one of America’s governors getting caught, proverbially or literally, with his pants down?

Can't abide Motown madness.

Shomari: Can't abide Motown madness.

Then have we got a trio of acid- tongued commentators for you!

Tonight on Game On! with Ross and McLaughlin, Boston Herald writer/editor John Breneman and Shomari McKenzie of WKXN Radio in Montgomery, Ala., bring you their weekly “Satirical Soapbox” segments.

Shomari takes on the “poor-mouthing” Big Three automakers, and John answers the question, “Whatever happened to ‘Joe the Plumber?’” – while also revealing who’ll be replacing the departing Alan Colmes on Fox New Channel’s Hannity & Colmes.


Chad: Don't ignore real news.

Chad Everson, meanwhile – whose change-loathing “Grizzly Growl” reports focus on issues that are paid scant attention by the national media – brings you the true story of a heroic Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper.

Hosted by Kevin Ross and David McLaughlin – winners of FOX News Radio’s Battle of the Blog Talkers competition – Game On! delivers a spirited West Coast-East Coast, conservative-liberal, black-white take on the week’s most provocative political issues.

To get your Game On! – and hear John, Shomari and Chad every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET – click here.


3 thoughts on “‘Game On!’ Commentators Pull No Punches on BlogTalkRadio’s Hot New Political Show

  1. Julian T.

    I second I Got My Reasons: This show is not bad at all. Love the chemistry between R & M. Also, Jonh Breneman is a hoot.


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