‘He’s Schtupping Everybody,’ George Clooney Says About His New Character!

With a face, body, career and bank account like George Clooney’s, it’s no wonder his latest alter ego is having the time of his life in the sack.

During a virtual press junket attended by BlogTalkRadio’s Shaun Daily, George chatted about Harry Pfarrer, the character he plays in the new Coen Brothers’ flick, Burn After Reading.

Burning up the boudior.

Clooney: Burning up the boudior.

“The thing that disturbed me most about this film is that… he’s schtupping everybody in the movie. And he’s sort of this sad, moronic character,” said George.

“[Directors Joel and Ethan Coen] called me up and told me they wrote the part for me – which worried me a lot.  But, I grew the beard and go to work.”

Opening tomorrow, Burn After Reading also stars Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand and John Malkovich.

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