‘Hip Talk Radio’ Host Jon Parrett: A-d-d-d-dicted to BlogTalkRadio

Thanks to Jon Parrett, BlogTalkRadio now boasts its very own rap anthem – and a smokin’-hot one at that!

The Hip Talk Radio host recently wrote a hip-hop track titled Addicted, which affectionately bemoans his inability to quit the world’s largest online radio network.

“Every single day it’s like I’m tappin’ the bar. Open up the laptop, loggin’ onto BTR,” raps Jon. “And tonight, yo, I’m sippin’ 40s, smokin’ cigarettes. Gotta get Keisha, my homegirl Annette. I’m dialin’ up Midnight like, Yo, what’s your beat? To be hip, your membership’s restricted. I gotta log off but I can’t – #%$&@, I’m addicted!”

Jonsin’ for our hosts.

Jon: Jonesin’ for our hosts.

Jon, an amateur rap artist and producer who by day works for the Stein Mart department-store chain, says his tune is true to life:

“BlogTalkRadio has replaced TV and other media for me. It’s the best-kept secret out there – though I imagine not for long: Whenever I turn anyone onto the service, they become addicted, too.”

Indeed, Jon himself came to BTR last year after the host of Shytown Radio asked him to cut an intro for the show.  Since then – word of his production prowess having spread – he’s produced on-air promos for a host of other BTR hosts.

“I don’t charge them,” the Chicago resident, 38, tells us. “I do it for free because I like hearing quality work on the network.”

Jon, who fancies himself an “old-school rap” aficionado, is also quick to point out that his own twice-weekly show is nothing if not multifaceted.

“Yea, we play hip-hop on Hip Talk Radio. But it’s not just a music show. We’re also a talk show. We interview unsigned artists, as well as established stars like Redman and Wu Tang Clan’s Raeqwon.

And we do skits.”

To download Addicted now, click here.

To sample Hip Talk Radio, click here.

21 thoughts on “‘Hip Talk Radio’ Host Jon Parrett: A-d-d-d-dicted to BlogTalkRadio

  1. Vince

    Hip Talk Radio is one of the Best shows on BTR. I am privelidged to co-host with Jon who is mad talented and a great friend. Come check us out on our return show December 3rd @9 CST.


  2. Melissa

    HIP TALK RADIO is the place to be on Wednesdays!! Nothing but love for all of the people who come to hang out there. Keep the shows coming, you have a lot of support! Jon, your talent and taste for good music is much appreciated!!


  3. Amazing Agha Khan

    Jon’s all talents are God giving gift to him . Every one can’t be Jon. Jon’s mening of living in this world is not only for sake its for others who care for brothers. I am waiting for BTR show to be started again “Real Quick” then we all can chill again. You know what I mean.

  4. Aneeqa Khan

    First of all Jon is a very nice and caring person. Jons personality makes him look great. BTR show is awesome!! Jon you got mad talent. Alot of people support your show !!! I heard A-D-D–D-dicted its NICEEEE =] keep up dat rapping and we keep doin dat supportting !!!! You mentioned everyones name thaz sooo nice of yooh!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU !!!!!!!
    * LOVE N33QA *

  5. Missy

    Jon is my brother and I’m proud to say that! He introduced me to BTR and now I’m ADDICTED ! Jon touches the lives of many people. He is so talented in many ways. Jon has done music all of his life. He really touches people through his music. He puts his heart into his music and he enjoys making other people happy. I don’t think he realizes how taleneted he really is….. He is a positive person and it shows through his work. I’m so proud of him! Good job Jon.
    LOve you,bro

  6. Mike "D"

    Thanks to Jon and Vinny for coming on the show and to be the first place to announce the come back of Hip Talk Radio. I like the “Shy Town Radio” Its CHI TOWN RADIO.
    Get it right BTR! Welcome back Jon and Vinny! Great song! Im still hurt from the other night from when it was only played for 15 seconds on the Daily show and I hurt my right ass cheek from the sudden break from the beat. Jon you understand 🙂 Good lookin out and welcome back!

  7. Clark

    Sounds like the word is out that Hip Talk Radio is the place to be on Wednesday nights. This guy has so much talent and anyone that knows Jon knows that he’s just getting started!

  8. Sarah

    Hip Talk Radio is by far one of the most entertaining shows I have ever listened to, I don’t know what I would do with out it.

  9. Melissa

    It is hard for me to live without my HIP TALK RADIO!! I’m Addicted!! Get back on here!! I love and miss you all!! WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~

    Much Love to The Hip Talk Fam,
    Melissa ~~~

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