I’m No Fan of Madonna’s Strung-out, Muscular Look, Liz Smith Dishes to The Midlife Gals

If having her split with Guy Ritchie dragged through the tabloids this past week hasn’t been torture enough, Madonna also had to endure catty comments from The Midlife Gals and Liz Smith.

The nerve of those ladies – piling on old Madge when she’s down!


Madonna: 50 going on... 500?

So here’s what they said:

While Liz was chatting with Sally and Kelly Jackson, the gossip queen told her fellow Texans that she’d recently been to a party with the likes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Then Kelly pointed out that Liz had also rubbed elbows with Madonna.

Then Liz said, “Yea, and I saw Madonna right before she announced her divorce and I kept trying to get her to tell me she was going to do that and she acted like she wasn’t.”

Then Sally said, “You know what, Liz?  We’ve decided that Madonna has now crossed the threshold into being too old to exercise as much as she does – because she just doesn’t look very good.”

Then Liz said, “I agree with you. I don’t like that strung-out, muscular look.”

Then Kelly said, “Oh, I don’t either.”

So that’s what they said – if you can believe it (though you didn’t hear it from us).

(To hear it from “a friend,” click here.)

4 thoughts on “I’m No Fan of Madonna’s Strung-out, Muscular Look, Liz Smith Dishes to The Midlife Gals

  1. Tk

    STOP THE INSANITY!! Please I beg of you, stop turning BlogTalkRadio into a gossip tabloid. Please. This is not what the BlogTalkRadio community wants.

  2. Kelsy M.

    Add my vote as a nay to BTR’s new direction towards tabloid gossip.

    @Jessie – I love the Midlife Gals and Liz Smith too. I just don’t want to see BlogTalkRadio turn into Perez Hilton. The gossip blog stuff is tacky and i hate the way btr is going with this.

    you should put up a poll. I can guarantee most of us would say no more gossip on the blog.

  3. pw

    Some of us wrote letters to Mr Alan Levy to protest btrs new celebrity obsessed direction. If this bothers you writ to mr. alan levy and tell him this isn’t what btr is about.


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