‘Soup Nazi’ Spills Plans for Seinfeld College Tour

Soup for NYU!

Larry Thomas: Soup for NYU!

Nothing 101?

That may be the idea behind a series of college seminars planned by Seinfeld distributor Sony Pictures for cast members of the classic sitcom, including Jerry Seinfeld and Larry Thomas “The Soup Nazi” Thomas.

In an exclusive interview airing Tuesday, August 12 at 9 a.m. ET, Thomas tells World Talk Live host Brett Cohen:

“I’m gonna join Jerry and tour to a few different colleges. They’re doing sort of a Seinfeld presentation at some colleges. I know they’re gonna do it in September at NYU. And in Phoenix and in San Francisco. So I’m gonna join him on a couple of those dates.”

Larry – who in real life sounds nothing like his signature character – also says he’s growing his mustache back for the events:

“[Sony hasn’t] said anything, but I’m assuming they’re gonna want me to at least look the way I looked on the show.”

Click here to hear what else Larry has to say.

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