‘Today’ Show’s ‘Spanning the World’ Host Gives Our Young Host a Lesson in Journalistic Objectivity

Damn Yankees!

On second thought, scratch that.

What we should say is, How ‘bout them Yankees?

After all, we’re as neutral as the next guy – particularly after tuning in to Today show host Len Berman’s interview this week on Sports Heaven with Mark and Evan.

CAPTION: Len (above): On-air tutor.

Len (above): On-air tutor.

While talking baseball with co-host Mark Elliot – who’s a freshman at Penn State, where he’s majoring in broad- cast journalism – Len breaks in on Mark for a mini- lesson in that discipline.

“The Mets certainly have a lot of holes [in their bench],” says Mark. “Hopefully for them, they’ll get them filled. But I’m a Yankee fan and we’ll move to the Yankees right now —”

“Wait a second!” says Len. “You’re allowed to be a fan as a journalist? Come on. I thought you’re supposed to be neutral.”

“Well, I can certainly act neutral – I certainly do that on-air,” says Mark.

Mark (above): Get an “A” for being a good sport.

Mark (above): Gets an “A” (for being a good sport).

“No, I’m just kidd -ing you,” says Len. “Oftentimes on the radio and on the Web, people certainly voice their opinions.

“But the key is to be objective about the teams that you’re not that fond of.”

A sports anchor with New York’s WNBC-TV since 1982, Len also hosts Today’s monthly “Spanning the World” segment, which spotlights “wild and wacky sports clips world- wide.”

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