‘Twilight’ Hottie: ‘I’m Looking for a Wife!’

The good news, ladies, is that you read our headline correctly:

One of the male leads from the smash-hit flick Twilight is looking to get hitched.

Justin: Knot-tying mindset.

Justin: Knot-tying mindset.

But before you pass out in a fit of ecstasty, we feel obliged to tell you that the would-be hubby isn’t star Robert Pattinson.

No, it’s Robert’s co-star, Justin Chon, who plays Eric Yorkie.

Still, he sounds like a great catch.

Having begun his career in the critically-acclaimed WB series Jack & Bobby, Justin went on to snag roles in the Disney Channel movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior and the Nickelodeon sitcom Just Jordan.

Even more impressive, he’ll be appearing opposite Harrison Ford next month in the feature film Crossing Over, which tells the story of illegal immigrants in Los Angeles struggling to get their green cards.

This week on Olivia Wilder Times, Justin tells our high priestess of entertainment journalism, Olivia Wilder, that he’s not only available, but open to meeting Miss Right.

“Currently, I’m single. Tell the girls on the station that I’m looking for a wife right now!” says the 27-year-old actor.

“If my perfect girl just showed up in front of me, I think I would just – yea, I think I’d marry her,” he adds.

Later on, Oliva asks, “What’s it like to have teenage girls going ga-ga over you?”

To which Justin replies: “I think it’s great – just as long as they don’t, like, do really weird stuff.”

Like if they were to come to my house and leave a box of dead rats in front of my door, I don’t know if I’d like that.”

Can’t say we blame you, Justin!

To hear Justin’s full interview, click here.

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