‘They Slashed My Couch, Threw My Computer Down and Turned the Gas on,’ Says Wife of Jailed Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos

It doesn’t look like George W. Bush will be pardoning Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean – the former Border Patrol agents jailed last January for the nonfatal shooting of a now-convicted Mexican drug smuggler – before leaving office next week.

To make matters worse, the wife of one of the agents tells BlogTalkRadio that someone may be trying to rub her and her family out.

Monica on Capitol Hill in July 2007, at a Congressional hearing on husband’s case. (AP photo)

Monica on Capitol Hill in July 2007, at a hearing on her husband’s case. (AP photo)

In an interview this week on No Compromises Radio, Monica Ramos recounts how, when she returned to her El Paso, Texas, home recently after a holiday visit with hus- band Ignacio at the Federal Correction Institution in Phoenix, Ariz., it had been vandal- ized – and worse.

“It’s not been a happy New Year, that’s for sure. [We] got home to find out my house had been broken into. . . A VCR is missing, they stole about 50 of my children’s movies, they stole a BB gun and cell phone. . .a lot of vandalism,” says Monica, whose comments are cited today in The El Paso Times, and carried on the McClatchy-Tribune newswire.

“But what was really hard was that, when we got [home], the gas was turned on.  So it was very intentional that someone was trying to hurt us. My son was the first one to arrive.  He opened the door to find that the gas was on.”

Meanwhile, a nationwide campaign to free her husband and Jose – whom many believe got a bum rap – has been falling on deaf ears at The White House.

Jose (left) and Ignacio surrendering in El Paso on Jan. 16, 2007. (AP)

Jose (left) and Ignacio surrendering in El Paso on Jan. 17, 2007. (AP)

Along with nearly 500,000 American citizens, all but three of the 34 Texans in Congress have petitioned President Bush, asking for leniency for the former agents, who are currently serving sentences of more than 10 years each.

And at the U.S. Capitol yesterday, a dozen House members urged the lame-duck prez to pardon the agents before he leaves office Tuesday.

But Bush’s most recent word on the case, at his final press conference on Monday, gave Monica little hope – as he declined to discuss any plans for pardoning prisoners.

To hear Monica’s full BlogTalkRadio interview, click here.

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