10 Best Practices for BlogTalkRadio Listeners


by Deb Ng

We talk a lot here about best practices for BlogTalkRadio hosts. However, a large portion of the BTR community is made up of listeners. Many of our listeners come to BlogTalkRadio as the result of clicking on direct links at blogs, Twitter or other promotional tools and then leave us once the show is over.

On behalf of BlogTalkRadio, I’d like to invite all listeners, new and old, to take some time and have look around. We have hundreds of shows airing each day, many of which I ‘m sure will interest you. Here are a few best practices for making the most of the BlogTalkRadio listening experience:

  1. Register – Many of our listeners don’t register to be part of the BlogTalkRadio community because they feel registration is only necessary for those wishing to be a host. This isn’t true at all, registration has its perks! When you register for BlogTalkRadio and create a screen name, you now have your own BlogTalkRadio identity. This means you can participate in the different chats and comments and everyone will get to know you. If you’re registered, you can also friend other like-minded members of our community and even become friended in return. You will receive updates on your “My BlogTalkRadio” page whenever your friends do something new. Registration will also give you the ability to send messages to other registrants and give you access to our monthly newsletters and email updates.
  2. Chat – BlogTalkRadio is an interactive community. Most of our hosts enable their chat rooms so listeners can participate in their show page’s chatroom. The benefit to this is networking with folks who like the same topics you do, meeting new people, and even just having a little conversational fun. You can ask questions of hosts, guests and other listeners and learn more about any topic you like.
  3. Call in – Like chat, many hosts allow callers. By calling in your can speak to a host or his guests and ask questions or share your own insight. Hosts love having folks call in, and it’s a great way to get people to know more about you and what you do.
  4. Have a look around – Just because you followed a link to one particular show doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have yourself a look around. Visit our On Air schedule to learn more about the day’s programming or use the search box to find out the topics that interest you. Browse the different categories, check out our branded programming, and even dig through our archives and “Best Of” pages for some past gems from the BlogTalkRadio vault.
  5. Visit the forum – BlogTalkRadio has a brand new forum. We’re working to build it up to make it THE place for the BlogTalkCommunity to converge, share tips, ideas, promote your favorite shows or blogs, and engage in conversation with the rest of the BlogTalkRadio community. Join us!
  6. Visit the BlogTalkRadio Help Center – There are two great places to learn more about BlogTalkRadio and how to make it work to your advantage. The first is the BlogTalkRadio Learning Center located on the main BTR site. Included are tutorials, FAQs, screencasts and more, to help make your experience with us as simple as possible. The BlogTalkRadio Help Center, located on the BlogTalkRadio Blog, is a work in progress listing blog posts offering tips and ideas for a positive experience.
  7. Start your own BlogTalkRadio show – You knew this was coming right? Many of our listeners enjoy the experience so much they become hosts. Everyone has something to talk about…what’s your topic?
  8. Comment at the Blog – We love comments and learning more about our community. If you have an opinion on something we posted here, do comment. If you have a tip or idea to share, post here, we’d love to learn from you. And if you disagree? Tell us that too! As long as you disagree in a respectful manner, you’re welcome to share your point of view. Comments are a great way to gain exposure to your radio show, blog or website. Each comment form has a special place to drop links, feel free to drop yours too!
  9. Search Twitter– Twitter is a terrific place to learn about the day’s programming. Hosts, guests and listeners all Tweet their favorite shows. Check out BlogTalkRadio on Twitter Search and and maybe you’ll find a new favorite!
  10. Subscribe to feeds or alerts – BlogTalkRadio allows listeners to add their favorite shows to RSS feeds or as an alert so you can be notified when new content is posted. Stay current on your favorite topics by subscribing.

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