10 Reasons You Should Host Your Own BlogTalkRadio Show


by Deb

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I answer a lot of questions on the social networks regarding BlogTalkRadio. The two questions I’m asked the most are “How do I start my own BlogTalkRadio show” and “Why should I host a BlogTalkRadio” show. I answered the first question a couple of weeks back, and today I’m happy to tackle the second.

Here are 10 great reasons to host your own BlogTalkRadio show:

  1. Establish yourself as an expert – Like blogs, books and websites, a regular podcast can help you become established as an expert, especially as more people tune in each week to hear your advice or catch your interviews with other experts.
  2. Gets your name out there – A lot of folks like having an online radio show because it puts there name out there in the webisphere. This comes in handy when it comes to applying for jobs, speaking gigs, writing and blogging projects and more.
  3. Marketing – Online radio is a terrific marketing opportunity. Talk about your books, blogs, websites, charities, events and more – all to your heart’s content.
  4. Build up community – Take your community to a whole other level with your online radio show. The people who follow your blogs or rally around your  product are sure to call in to your show and chat in the chat room. It’s just another way to bring them all together.
  5. Online radio and podcasting makes an great accompaniment for blogs. If you have a blog, online radio and podcasting is a wonderful way to expand on certain topics and bring in experts for a discussion. Your community will enjoy interacting this way as well.
  6. Have discussions with important people in your  niche. If you ever wanted to pick the brain of an expert in your field, your radio show will allow you to do this at length. Even better, you can share this with a community of listeners.
  7. Top-notch support. BlogTalkRadio offers ’round the clock support. If there’s ever a problem contact support@blogtalkradio.com and someone will be with you immediately. Plus you’re able to ask question in the forum and Yahoo group and we even offer live support every night.
  8. Meet and network with a terrific community. Our hosts and listeners are loyal, helpful and outgoing. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you they’re good people and the best reason to sign up with BlogTalkRadio. With a BlogTalkRadio account, you have the ability to meet, connect and brainstorm with the nicest folks online.
  9. It’s free. No explanation necessary.
  10. It’s simple. Technically, all you need is a phone to have a BlogTalkRadio show. A laptop helps so you can man the switchboard and check out the chat room, but it couldn’t be more simple. Simply sign up and you’re a host. We do offer free training and other tools to ensure your success, but it’s so simple anyone who can talk on the phone can host a show.

What’s your favorite reason for hosting a BlogTalkRadio show?

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