10 Ways Podcasting Can Help Your Business

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BlogTalkRadio has a variety of hosts. Some host shows for pleasure while others use BlogTalkRadio to build up businesses and brands. Today, we’re going to focus on the different ways BlogTalkRadio and podcasting can help grow a business.

  1. Establish you as an expert – If you want to be seen as a thought leader or expert in your field, you can do so by hosting your own podcast or radio show. Share tips and advice, do product reviews, book recommendations and more.
  2. Spread the word about your products and services – Fans of your podcasts will want to learn more about you. They’ll follow you to your blogs and websites, read your books, attend your speaking gigs and more. Podcasting is a terrific way to discuss whatever it is you’re selling.
  3. Interviews with experts – You can offer to be interviewed on other podcasts or bring in folks to talk to on your own show. Either way it’s another way to get your name out there and create a buzz around whatever it is that you do.
  4. Build up your brand – Podcasting is a terrific way to build up both your personal and business brands. With regular shows, your name because familiar and folks will want to learn more.
  5. Bring in a whole new audience – So you have traffic to your blogs and websites, but podcasting will also reach a whole new audience.  Folks who hear you talk, will be interested to read what you write and more.
  6. Build a community – Take advantage of the chat room people to build and engage your community. Create discussion topcs and keep the conversation flowing.
  7. Have classes and seminars – Use podcasts and online radio as a classroom. Teach others, offer courses and seminars. Invite other speakers to contribute.
  8. Expand on topics – Perhaps you wrote about something on your blog or in a magazine article, but didn’t want to be too long winded. A podcast will allow you to expand beyond your usual word count.
  9. Take advantage of search engine traffic – The words describing your podcast can also be picked up on by search engines. Those who follow the links may be curious and want to learn more about you and what you do.
  10. Shameless self promotion – Podcasts are awesome self promotional tools. Use your online radio show to talk about whatever you like, the sky is the limit!

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