10 Ways to Connect with the BlogTalkRadio Community


The BlogTalkRadio community is a tight-knit and congenial group that spans the genres. Each show has its community and those communities mingle with other communities, and it’s all one big happy. If you would like to be more connected with the members of the BlogTalkRadio community, here are 10 ways to connect.

1. Chat Rooms – All BlogTalkRadio shows offer a chat room feature. Some host would rather not be distracted with chats, but the majority of BlogTalkRadio hosts love a lively chatroom. You’ll find the various shows each have their own communities and all are welcoming. BlogTalkRadio’s chatrooms are a favorite way for our hosts to connect.

2. Twitter – Over 7,000 BlogTalkRadio hosts are on Twitter! You’ll find Shaun Daily rocking the BlogTalkRadio Twitter account and you can follow me as well. Do a Twitter search for BlogTalkRadio and you’ll find many members of the BTR team as well as hosts and listeners sharing details about their favorite shows.

3. Facebook BlogTalkRadio has a Facebook group. For updates or sharing with other members of the BlogTalkRadio community, feel free to join us! BlogTalkRadio also has specific groups for Politics, Entertainment, Books, Technology and more.

4. Ning – Join us as we build up our social network on the BlogTalkRadio Ning. We have a daily discussion, news and updates, photos shared by other members of our community and much more!

5. The BlogTalkRadio Forum – Our BlogTalkRadio forum features areas for hosts helping hosts, equipment recommendations, bragging about shows and accomplishments, and much more. The forum is fairly new and we would love to see you there!

6. The BlogTalkRadio Yahoo Group – We have thousands of members in our BlogTalkRadio Yahoo group and they love to share ideas and advice!

7. MySpace – You’d be surprised at how much of the BlogTalkRadio community has a profile on MySpace. Be sure to befriend BlogTalkRadio on MySpace for news, updates and bulletins.

8. Plurk – Plurk isn’t as popular as Twitter, but we still have a presence there and so should you! Follow BlogTalkRadio on Plurk.

9. Comments – Like a show you just listened to? Comment. Share comments with other hosts and listeners!

10. Blogs – In addition to this BlogTalkRadio Blog, many of our hosts and listeners have their own blogs. Read their profiles and support their online communties.

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  1. Bernice Anderson

    Can anyone help me with this problem…I cannot get into the chatroom until I log in and the p/w that was sent to me does not work and how do I download the BTR toolbar?


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