11 Online Resources to Help Promote Your Radio Show

I’m always on the lookout for resources to help BlogTalkRadio hosts bring in new listeners.  I took some time this afternoon to compile a list for you. I hope you find it useful. Mind you, not all of these promotion techniques are radio or podcast specific, but I believe you can cull some useful tips out of them just the same.:

Behold: 11 Online Resources to Help Promote Your Radio Show

  1. Promote Your Podcast by Combining FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Your Blog
  2. 119 Must-See Facebook Resources
  3. 12 Ways to Promote Your PodCast
  4. Promoting Your PodCast with YouTube
  5. How to Promote Your PodCast
  6. How to Promote a PodCast
  7. How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog
  8. Video Tutorials for Promoting Podcasts
  9. 9 Ways to Promote Your Audio/Video Podcast Online
  10. Google SEO Basics for Beginners
  11. SEO Basics: Effective Keyword Research

2 thoughts on “11 Online Resources to Help Promote Your Radio Show

  1. Natasha Roland

    Hey thanks so much for this information. Even tho I’m been in Advertising for years I am jus becoming savvy with Internet Advertising,lol. Quite a learning curve for me. Please share more…we all want to be heard. God Bless and remember…What Time Is It?! It’s YOUR Time NOW:-)

  2. DOC Mentillo

    Awesome marketing tools here for promoting on the Internet. I haven’t implemented any of these techniques yet. However, I’m very opened minded to utilizing as many new tools and techniques as possible. Thanks so much for the info., I do appreciate it. God Bless.

    Warmest regards,
    DOC – http://www.ChrisMentillo.com


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