’17 Again’ Star Sterling Knight: ‘I’m Miserably Single’

Poor Sterling Knight. He’s got a starring role on the Disney Channel’s hot new comedy series Sonny With a Chance.

To boot, he plays the son of Zac Efron and Matthew Perry in the new flick 17 Again, which this weekend overtook Miley Cyrus‘ big-screen debut, Hannah Montana: The Movie, at the box office.

"I constantly fall flat on my face," Sterling (above) tells us of his romantic overtures.

"I constantly fall flat on my face," Sterling (above) tells us of his romantic overtures.

But despite that success – and near-guarantee of a fabulous career – the 20-year-old heartthrob says that his love life is sorely lacking.

“I’m miserably single at this point,” Sterling tells host Zachary Sang.

And, apparently, that’s not just a line. Moments later the actor reveals his lack of mack-daddy- ness.

“People think I’m ob- scenely cool, but then they find out I’m kind of a dork,” he says.

“Usually, I’m the one who’s trying to make really awkward jokes and trying to get a smile,” he adds of his inability to impress the ladies. “And usually I fail pretty miserably.”

Later still, Sterling discusses his tastes in the fair sex.

“My general cup of tea would be Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman – or any of those wonderful people that will never talk to me.”

During the two-hour interview (which may be a BlogTalkRadio record for a celebrity chat), Sterling also reveals his admiration for the founder of JustJared.com and JustJaredJr.com, Jared Eng.

“I’d actually be more star-struck meeting Jared than I was meeting Zac Effron,” he says.

Among the many other fascinating tidbits you’ll learn about Sterling include:

-Why he wrote a story using nothing but the titles of John Mayer songs.

-What kind of car he currently drives – and how he plans to “pimp” that ride.

-Why he believes that “Twitter is kind of like volunteering to be stalked.”

-Why he’s worried about his dental hygiene – and wants to embark on a “floss revolution.”

-Why he says, “I think we should abolish political correctness.”

To tune into Sterling’s WZAP Radio interview on BlogTalkRadio, click here.

To check out JustJared, click here.

22 thoughts on “’17 Again’ Star Sterling Knight: ‘I’m Miserably Single’

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  3. emily

    From what I have seen on youtube videos I think Sterling is very funny! Sad that other people don’t. Maybe he should try not dating a celebrity, but an average girl around his age. The celebrity girls around his age probably just don’t have the same intrest in humor. As see an average person who doesn’t live the fame might have more humor, and there is greater chances finding an average girl who shares Sterling’s humor than a celebrity girl… Because there are more average girls around Sterling’s age than celebrity girl’s around his age. Also his humor is probably different than there’s, maybe a little less mature because he is on Disney which is geared toward tweens and teens. The celebrity girls that are not on Disney are used to more adult humor, actually less humor. His personality may have a factor with it too. He just has different intrests and enjoyings different things.

  4. Lexi

    I agree with Emily. Girls who arnt celebraties are girls he should try a go for becuase there are normal girls out there who dont like Sterling just becuase hes an actor. Although he is insainly cute and funny, maybe celebraty girls just arnt as smart as normal ones that actually went to school. And I would totally be with Sterling.

  5. Greta... y do u need to know my name again?

    i personally think its pretty hilarious that most of u ppl are trying to hook up with some celebrity off of an internet article, but seriously i dont blame the guy for not dating average ppl… where ya gonna go to find some average girl who won’t just date u cuz u got moola or ur famous or because she thinks ur a hot movie star and doesnt care about any bit of personality? I mean seriously i bet if he even would go out in public lookin for somebody there would be a screaming chic stampede running and screaming in his face and asking for autographs. he could always gangster it out hannah montana style and just like put on some crazy wig and walk out in public, but still its not like u just run into the perfect girl one day and both of u love eachother. Not to mention how much the poparotzi (how ever ya spell it?) would be all over the fact that he was dating a normal chic. its a hard core world, and so proving my point i understand y celebs dont date normal ppl.

  6. emily

    well greta…. y do u need my name again person, i don not fin your comment ANY help! that is why people date. to find out about the person, i’m sure he is intelligent enough to figure that out, he is 20 years old. you were very negative in your comment. if you dont have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. from my point of veiw the girls probably knew that sterling wouldn’t find them then go out with them, the ride off into the sunset happily married. it’s not like they gave him their number. and also from how i see it lexi nor amber were trying to “hook up”as you state it, they were just saying they would if they got the chance. and i certainley was NOT trying to, im sorry if it seemed like that (im the same emily as above). Im sorry this comment was a little more negative, i just wanted to express my feelings on that hard comment of greta… y do u need my name again?’s comment. also sorryfor any spelling mistakes and punctuation, this was a quikey! 🙂

  7. holly k.

    wow i just found out that he was twenty today and thats how old my sister is!!! he’s pretty lucky to look so young. i havent seen seventeen again yet i decided to see dance flick instead….. it was really weird. anyways im sure sterling really is funny and i dont know andy girl that wouldnt want to be with him. i live in a small town in michigan and there is NO cute guys here and if there is then theyre all heartbreakers. all i know is that if i was famous i would try to stay out of the spotlight but still be on everyones mind at the same time. and reading some of the coments here i cant really relate to much of them. i think he should date who ever he likes famous or not…. haha i just read over this and it doesnt make that much sence but what ev. peace

  8. holly k.

    woah i agree with emily whats gretas problem i just read it…. who said im trying to “hook up with him” we’re adding coments not asking for dates. just someone trying to get ahead of the game and trying to get noticed…

  9. Jackie

    he is not single he is all mine i wish he is so so so so sweet and hot and sonny with a chance rocks but i love hi so so much more i did not know he is tweny i love him so so so much i want him to marrie me i think who is a hater of him is lame stupid and gay i relly relly relly love him and he is mine and he is so so so so so so sexy and rockin so if you a hater die

  10. Chrissi

    Sterling Knight is a talented, handsome and seemingly sweet guy , anyone would be lucky to have him . Unlike half of the fanatic and maniacal population, this isn’t where I declare him mine and gush about how hot he is. Sterling deserves a girl that treats him with love and respect not one who thinks they love him because of his crazy celebrity status. I hope he finds someone great.

  11. Jessica

    I Think Sterling Knight Is Really Funny and Cute. Personally, If He Came Up To Me And Even Small Talked To Me, I Would Fall Head Over Heels! (LOL) I Don’t Understand How Most Girls Can Just Ignore The Perfectness Of Him! I Love Sterling Knight To Bits! I Hope He Finds The Perfect Girl To Match Him Though. xx

  12. Masie

    I think Sterling Knight is really funny and cute. I feel for him. if i saw him i would proberly faint. He is a really good actor and the girl he finds is very lucky he is so sweat and maybe date someone who is not famous and i hope he finds the perfect girl and she would be lucky by the way he is a great guy and actor i hope he finds some one x x

  13. Masie!

    i think you are so funny and cute but also so totaly alsome i can’t wait untill starstruck comes out don’t listen to what anyone says i think you are very funny and date someone not famous and good luck finding someone and the girl who ou pick is very lucky x x x

  14. duaa

    I think your tottly cute & hot.find a girl just like u.when ever i see u in sonny with a chance
    i look at your eyes and fall in love with you.


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