17 Places to Find PodSafe Music

podfree-musicby Deb Ng

One question we’re asked a lot here at BlogTalkRadio is where to find royalty-free or podsafe music to download (and upload) for BlogTalkRadio shows. Many of our hosts enjoy playing music for their listeners, but don’t want to violate any laws. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to find royalty free and podsafe music.

What follows are some places to find PodSafe music for your BlogTalkRadio shows. Before downloading any music, please be sure to read the website’s terms of use thoroughly, and to obtain any and all necessary permissions. Also, many of these places charge per download.


  1. MySpace: Nikki Starr recommends using MySpace to find Indy bands who would be happy for the airplay. Many of them haven’t signed over the rights to their music but would love to be heard.  All you need is for them to send you an MP3 and a letter granting you permission to play their tunes.
  2. PodSafe Audio – A popular place for musicians and music lovers to share tunes.
  3. Stock Music – Offers cutting edge music for podcasts, but you’ll have to pay.
  4. Royalty Free Music – A diverse collection of podcastable music.
  5. PodSafe Music Network – Allows you to purchase music for your podcast.
  6. Magnatune – A record company that wants you to podcast their music!
  7. Creative Commons – There’s plenty of music on the Creative Commons, though maybe not so much in your favorite genre.
  8. CC Mixter – Features remixes licensed under the Creative Commons.
  9. GarageBand – Featuring some awesome independent music.
  10. LoopSound – More royalty free music.
  11. SoundClick – A variety of music available from both signed and unsigned bands.
  12. Royalty Free Classical Music – Offers a nice selection of classical music for podcasts.
  13. Music Track Library – Costs about $15 per.
  14. Opuzz – Buy background and intro and outro music here.
  15. Music Buggy – A place for the people who make music and the people who play music to connect.
  16. Ioda Alliance – An online Independent music distributor.
  17. The BeatSuite – Royalty free and podsafe music.

12 thoughts on “17 Places to Find PodSafe Music

  1. literarymediacoll

    Deb, yes I’ve started using music from a podcast safe site as suggested in the Host section in our Host profiles, though been wanting to use them for quite a while now but only just managed to have a look at the podcast safe websites as suggested in the Host section.

    Thanks for the added podcast safe music links – really informative.

  2. axgrindr

    I saw your post regarding audio for podcasts and thought I would suggest a few sites with royalty free music and sound effects.

    Musicloops.com is great for lots of high quality podcast safe music from some of the best composers on the internet.

    Free Royalty Free Music Loops are available here and are great for idents, stings and background music for your podcasts.

    Royalty Free Music Clips blog posts lots of free royalty free music clips available for use in any commercial project including podcasts.

    This page has thousands of free sound effects to download and use, organized into easy to search categories: Free Sound Effects

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  5. Deborah Ng

    @literarymediacoll – I’m so pleased you found this post useful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    @axfrindr – Thank you so much for your suggestions!

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