22 Helpful Posts for BlogTalkRadio Hosts and Listeners

by Deb Ng

I find myself searching through this blog quite a bit lately, usually to answer questions asked by folks who use BlogTalkRadio or want to learn how to use BlogTalkRadio. It occurred to me that we get new users every day, as well as new readers to this blog. With them in mind, I would like to refer you to some of our greatest hits.

  1. 17 Places to Find PodSafe Music
  2. 11 Online Resources to Help Promote Your Online Radio Show
  3. How to Have Your BlogTalkRadio Show Featured
  4. Show Descriptions: Tips for Bringing in the Masses
  5. 10 Reasons You Should Consider Blogging
  6. What are Keywords and Why Should You Care
  7. New Promotion Tips and Tricks
  8. New Promotion Tools for BlogTalkRAdio Hosts
  9. BlogTalkRadio Groups on FaceBook
  10. Podcast Directories for Your BlogTalkRadio Shows
  11. How to Become a Guest on BlogTalkRadio
  12. How Do You Say Thank You to Your BlogTalkRadio Guests
  13. How to Host Your Own BlogTalkRAdio Show
  14. What Happens if Your Guest is a No Show?
  15. Use Twitter for Relationships, Not Spam
  16. 7 Hints for Avoiding Dead Air When No One’s Callin’ In
  17. Finding Guests for Your BlogTalkRadio Shows
  18. 5 Tips for Writing a Show Description that Rocks!
  19. Do You Want a Radio Show or Event?
  20. Resources for Hosts: 20 Free Social Media E-Books
  21. Using Social Neworks to Bring in Listeners
  22. 7 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level with Radio

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