How BlogTalkRadio is Working Hard to Distribute Your Shows, Plus Some Tips For Getting Your Show Featured

BlogTalkRadio is committed to promoting the great content that our family of hosts are producing. This summer we’ve launched a new homepage with a vastly improved way to showcase the best shows on the network, we have new recommendation features throughout the site, and we produce daily blog-posts about our content that have increased our presence on Google. Our newsletter now reaches more people than ever before, and our social media community continues to grow. We have a new dedicated page on iTunes, distribution deals with TuneIn Radio and Swell, plus our latest initiative with Aha Radio to make BlogTalkRadio available in connected cars.
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I believe that in the coming months we can really grow the reach of our audiences, connect with new listeners, and have more people engaged with the shows that you’re making.
The quality of content on BlogTalkRadio is at an all time high – we have more hosts than ever before setting new standards with their shows. This means that competition for promotion is extremely fierce, and may mean that your episodes are getting featured less than they were in the past. It’s a great problem for us to have of course, but I also realize it can be frustrating if your hard work isn’t being recognized as much as you think it should be.
So, here are some key thoughts on how to get your shows featured, what kind of content we’re looking to showcase, and how to highlight your best episodes to our editorial team;
If we don’t know about your show, it’s hard to promote it
Submitting your best shows through the ‘Feature Your Show’ option on your dashboard is still the best way to highlight it to our editorial team. 

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– Don’t submit every show you do though, it’s better to highlight the really good ones with special guests, topics related to current events etc. 
– Tell us what you’re doing on social media too – we can share it that way with our followers.
If we don’t understand the focus of your show instantly, it’s hard for us to make other people understand it
Good episode titles and descriptions are vital.
 – First of all make sure you give each episode a specific title. You’ll never get your show featured if you title your episode “Gardening News Week 4,” but you might if you call it “The Ultimate Sprinkler System.” If your show covers lots of topics, 
pick out the best one for the title. 
 – Change up your episode descriptions making them specific to that week’s episode – using a generic description of what your show does will not get it featured – this happens a lot.
– Write your episode description for someone who may not know your show. You may have a guest who’s an expert in their field, but not a household name – explain who they are and what they do. Pick out a specific talking point and give some examples of why it’s relevant.
Broad appeal is good, relevancy is great, but niche can sometimes be best.
 – So we like content with broad appeal. You’ll see a lot of sports and entertainment guests featured on our homepage. First impressions count, so if someone is coming to BlogTalkRadio for the first time we want them to instantly see something that is 
of interest to them – sports and entertainment are two themes that have proven appeal to a broad audience.


 – We also like relevancy – last week we ran a big homepage promotion about the 
assassination of JFK because it was a hot topic that people all around the world were interested in hearing about. You don’t have to make shows about the big news items, but focusing themon timely subjects is great – for example at the start of this year’s NFL season one of our movie shows did a countdown of the Top 10 Football Movies. Equally good in August, one of our cooking shows did an episode on back-to-school lunch recipes.
 – We do recognize that our audience has a wide variety of passions and interests, and we make sure that we give promotional space to a huge range of subjects – more so than any other media outlet, and this is one thing that makes BlogTalkRadio unique. But there’s still a lot of competition – even the most niche subject will have many different shows about it, so within your niche make sure you’re finding the most interesting guests and creative topics.


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