Five Simple Ways to Decrease Stress and Take Control, from BlogTalkRadio’s Fitness Director, Peter K. MS, PT

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See if you can add one of these foods today:berries
  • Salmon (omega 3’s for heart disease), green tea (catechins for cancer), berries (anthocyanins for cancer), beans (low fat protein source), brown rice (b vitamins for stress), avocado (mono-unsaturated fats- good fat), dried cherries (decrease inflammation in joints) , and/or yogurt (calcium for bones and muscle function).


Ask PT Pete- Where does your body hold your stress?

  • Most of us hold it near our shoulders and neck.  Try this to relax.  Shrug your shoulders up and tighten your neck muscles.  Now relax your shoulders and neck completely.  Use this in conjuction with the breathing exercise below.

shoulder shrug

  • Pay attention throughout the day to your shoulders and neck tightening up, especially when driving, on the phone/computer or while thinking about stressful thoughts.

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Breathing for stress release:

  • Stand tall in a quiet place and lift your chest up.  Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  Repeat this 5 times.  Do this during your most stressful times, before a meeting, every hour and at the end of your day.


Identify your stressors:
  • Work, family, finances, health;   What causes you harmful stress?  It could even be something as subtle as a voice,  place, or time of day.  The next time you feel stressed ask yourself why you are feeling this way.  You can decrease stress the following way:
  1. Identify when you are stressed and why
  2. Relax your shoulders, and breath
  3. Decide whether this is worth being stressed about
  4. Break down the stress into tiny pieces, then choose one simple action you can take to decrease the stress
  5. Listen to my radio show for more information about stress, your flight or flight response and how to prevent stress from getting out of control

Music to soothe the savage beast within:

norah jones

  • Artist; Norah Jones, Album and song; Come Away With Me. This is a mellow song that invites you to drift away with someone you love, away from the grind, the responsibilites, the stress.  Go ahead and drift away for a few!

Be well!

Peter K. MS, PT

3 thoughts on “Five Simple Ways to Decrease Stress and Take Control, from BlogTalkRadio’s Fitness Director, Peter K. MS, PT

  1. Laughing Lady

    Another great way to beat stress – LAUGHTER! Don’t wait for something funny to happen either, just give yourself permission to laugh and then fake it until you make it. Especially when done with someone else, laughing for no reason at all is contagious and as soon as you start laughing (or even just smiling) cortisol is reduced and endorphines are increased. It is free, doesn’t require equipment, and can be done anywhere. Just laugh!
    I enjoyed this article completely. Thank you! ~Laughing Lady


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