9-11 Tribute Show Update!!

Posted on behalf of BlueDoodle.com’s Amy Domestico:

WOW what a week it has been, a flurry of activity from all over the country trying to pull this show together. Its something that has touched the people at Blog Talk Radio, Alan, Bob, Jaime, and me–Amy very deeply.

I know Alan lives in Jersey and is just 10 miles from Manhattan and watched as his neighbors had to walk home that day, the emotion and sadness as people made their way back home on foot.

I myself grew up 13 miles outside of the city and had many relatives working in NYC, the panic we all felt till people were accounted for was indescribable.

My husbands best friend’s brother had made his way down 34 flights and walked home to Greenwich Ct. He arrive home till around midnight, and their were tears of sadness and joy the moment he came home. It was a bittersweet moment. So sad for everyone who did not make it home, and there were many.

That is what this show is going to be all about, paying tribute to the men and women, who did not make it home to their families that day. We will forever remember, and as long as people like the people at Blog Talk Radio bring these tributes to the world, we will never forget.

The response has been wonderful and so far the lineup of hosts is pretty extensive, and the outpouring of people to call in and read their own tributes has been fantastic.

Poets, bloggers, spoken word artists, and writers spent countless hours putting together some of the finest written tributes.

We will bring everyone together on 9/11 starting at 7 pm to honor the people of 9/11
Ill check in over the weekend as thing progress!!

Here is a list of contributors to the Blog Talk Radio 9/11 Tribute Show.

2996 Project

9-11 Heroes.us


Survivor recounts

Jontzen 9-11 Tribute Site

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