Actor Moses Brings Plenty Joins BlogTalkRadio

DreamCatcher Entertainment welcomes Moses Brings Plenty, Lakota spokesperson, actor, model and musician to BlogTalkRadio.

Mo Brings PlentyTonight at 10pm ET, join Mo Brings Plenty. Moses is Oglala Lakota born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, fluent in the Lakota language, culture and traditions. He is a gifted musician, actor, model and spokesperson.

As a gifted musician, he is a traditional drummer, percussionist, and vocalist. As an actor, he has worked in television, film and theatre, including Rez Bomb, Hidalgo, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The History Channel’s Comanche Warrior, which was filmed on the Wild Horse Sanctuary in the southern Black Hills. He also played the role of “Crazy Horse” on The History Channel’s investigating history documentary, Who Killed Crazy Horse. Additionally, he participated in the BBC’s piece Custer’s Last Stand.

Moses is an advocate for Indian elders and youth. Proactive and visionary, he works toward helping the people through traditional ceremony and prayer to provide and build for the youth, a way of life that so many who have come before him have sacrificed to create.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Shining Elk Management and Publicity

5 thoughts on “Actor Moses Brings Plenty Joins BlogTalkRadio

  1. Wicaglatawinyan

    Mitakola, wopila tanka for your inspirtational words and for sharing your soul!!Ceyasniye, tewahilahu misu!!!lakota winyans inajinpi yuha! Don’t cry little bro , we care for you…And the lakota women stand up for you…..toksa ake wacinyankinkte he.wicaglatawi

  2. WAMBP

    I agree with small bird. The only person that Moses helps is himself. He only wants fame and to be a big Hollywood player! (He’s already mastered the player part)… 6 women at one time must mean he’s good at something, It sure isn’t helping his people! He sets a terrible example for all young men by not practicing what he preaches. Native ways are supposed to be true and holy and honest none of which he is! Just wanted to get this info out there.


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