Alaska Man Who Lunched Palin for V.P. Campaign in April Shares the Love with BlogTalkRadio

Sure she’s hip now – after invigorating John McCain’s presidential campaign like nobody’s business.  But how about five months ago?

Well, John Suter may be the only man in America who can lay claim to running an active Sarah Palin for Vice President campaign way back in April. And he’s going to tell Media Lizzy about it on Sept. 11 at 3 p.m. ET.

The unlikely Palin prophet

Suter & furry friend: unlikely Palin prophets.

It all started in 2006, when the then-57-year-old Suter, who lives in the Anchorage, Alaska, suburb of Chugiak, volunteered for Palin’s gubernatorial campaign.

“Alaska is the single most corrupt state in America. But even as far back as 1996, when she was mayor of Wasilla, she had a take-no-prisoners approach to bringing law and order to our state,” John, who’s known locally for competing in the annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race with his poodles, tells us.

Cut to early April.  Having rubbed elbows with Palin during her successful campaign, John was even more convinced she’d be veep material.

So he launched a campaign to put Palin on the GOP ticket.

His slogan?  “Mothers Against Government Corruption,” or course.

Next he printed up 250 bumper stickers and as many T-shirts, samples of which he sent to Palin’s office.

Suter's not-so-subtle Palin pitch.

Suter's not-so-subtle Palin pitch.

Within a week, the gov – obviously hot on the idea of tossing her ushanka in the ring – sent him a handwritten note saying, “Ha! I love the bumper sticker! Thanks for passing that along.”

Simultaneously, John was inundating every local and national GOP rep his could find – including McCain himself – not only with his campaign merchandise, but letters urging them to slap Palin on the ticket because “she puts public interest before special interest, and there’s nothing more important in a candidate than that.”

Palin's perky reply.

Palin's perky reply.

And the rest, as they may say come November, is White House history.

So don’t miss Lizzy’s chat with John today.  Better yet, call into the show and talk to him firsthand about America’s newest sweetheart!

3 thoughts on “Alaska Man Who Lunched Palin for V.P. Campaign in April Shares the Love with BlogTalkRadio

  1. Pola Muzyka

    Thanks for passing that along. There are so many distortion today that it’s hard to distinguish which one you would be, so I checked it out.

    Not sure why, but some of the media are actually telling outright lies and distortions of the truth about Palin’s administration. In order to sound valid, they are saying she lies, but in fact, they are lying. It seems to me that they shouldn’t be writing. For example something I read in the Atlanta Journal Constitution the other day said Sarah Palin spent $43k on her family transportation… indicating that it was over the amount she saved by selling a jet. I say:

    Sarah Palin sold the jet for almost 2 and a half million dollars. Not sure how much gas would cost for the jet but I know that hangers cost about $40K a year. AJC saying that SP and her family have used $43K a year for traveling… should subtract the hanger fees and the gas fees, which means she probably saved the state of Alaska a million dollars or so in gas and hanger fees for traveling expenses… plus added about two million and a half dollars to the economy by selling the jet.

    This is taken out of context by the media and they make it look as though she’s charging $43K in traveling expenses because she has a big family, when, if you subtract the hanger fee and the gas fees, maintenance, jet employees, etc…. she probably saved them more than any other governor in history.

    There’s much more, but I’m not going to get into it. I say we should do extensive research and when someone tells me that Sarah Palin or McCain is lying, I say, show me your evidence… documents, and both sides of the story cause you’re just distorting the truth.

  2. John Suter (Georgia)

    My name is the same (as my father) of the man who created the Sarah Palin bumper sticker. I was amused to read his blog because the entire Suter family in Georgia are enthusiastic supporters of Sarah Palin.


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