Get yourself on Amazon Devices

Learn how Tunein and Alexa can bring your show into homes.

Listening to your broadcast has become even easier. You can now submit your radio show to Tunein which will make your show available on Amazon Alexa devices. Amazon Alexa devices are wireless, voice-activated “smart speakers”, they have a personal assistant voice service named “Alexa” that is comparable to Siri. According to new NPR-Edison Research data smart speakers are becoming more popular in the way people are listening to streaming audio and they can now be found in over 20 million homes across the US. 42% of smart speaker owners claim they’re already an important part of their household. They work with voice activation by simply asking for the weather, access to your music, and, most importantly, tune in to radio and podcasts.

For your listeners tuning into your show on Alexa is easy, the Amazon Echo pulls directly from Tunein. For example, if you want to listen to a show you would simply say “Alexa, play The Chad Benson Show” and Alexa will immediately start playing the latest episode, if you want to hear the previous one just say “play the previous one”, it’s that easy.

The process is fairly simple to submit your show. It’s a one-time submission process, you click here and fill out the form and submit your show. Of course, you will need your RSS feed, which would simply be your BlogTalkRadio link and end it in /podcast. So an example would be

So get your show on Tunein and listeners can start to “Tunein” “pardon the pun” to your show on their Alexa devices while they are in their homes.

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