America’s Got a New Commander in Chief! (But Is Change Indeed on the Horizon?)

The promise of a better America.

Obama: The promise of a new nation.

Barack Obama has done it – gone and won the White House in what may prove to be the most significant presid- ential race of the past century.

But now that the mud has dried and the senator from Illinois stands be- fore us promising change, where do we the people stand?

That’s the million billion trillion-dollar question America’s top blog talkers are vowing to answer – or pass out trying.

Last month, Kevin Ross – an African-American Republican from Los Angeles – and David McLaughlin – a white Democrat from outside Atlanta – took top honors in FOX News Radio’s Battle of the Blog Talkers.

Now, the odder-than-odd odd couple is teaming up for an unpreced- ented event.

Tonight they’ll host a marathon special that’ll give scores of voters the opportunity to weigh in on whether Obama is equipped to lead our nation out of the quagmire of financial-market implosion, rising unem- ployment, escalating street crime, prohibitively expensive health care, still-unapprehended terrorist leaders, a protracted Iraqi War and other blights the Bush administration failed to tame.

Kicking off at 6 p.m. and running live until 12 a.m. ET, BlogTalkRadio’s Exit Poll ’08 will feature pundits from both sides the political spectrum, including:


Farai Chideya, host of National Public Radio’s News & Notes, Val Zavala, anchor of Los Angeles PBS affiliate KCET-TV’s Life & Times Tonight, Lee Bailey, publisher of the Electronic Urban Report, Rev. Leonard Jackson, special advisor to L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Julie Vanderpost, chairperson for California Republican Women for McCain, Wendy Davis, national field & training director for 21st Century Democrats, and Martha Mitchell Zoller, host of The Martha Zoller Show on WDUN-AM in Gainesville, Ga.

Also joining Kevin and David will be fellow BlogTalkRadio hosts – and fellow Battle of the Blog Talkers contestants – Chad Everson and Andrea Shea King.

But in the spirit of a new beginning, no pundit’s voice will be more important than yours: Kevin and David will do their damndest to get as many callers on the air as possible.

“Even if it means…” notes David.

“Breaking in on each other mid-sentence and…” add Kevin.

“It’ll be my pleasure,” says David.

4 thoughts on “America’s Got a New Commander in Chief! (But Is Change Indeed on the Horizon?)

  1. I Got My Reasons

    Where do “We the People” stand???

    We voted him in in a landslide, in case you forgot. Enough with the labels, the innuendo. He’s clearly risen above that, and now we can too.

    You can call him the junior senator if you like but most of us will call him President Elect Obama. Because that is what he is. Get used to it.

  2. Shaun

    I think its the most significant Presidential election in our country’s history !!

    The crowd of thousands at the White House last night, brought the election to Bush’s door step..

    He could not ignore the excitement in the air !!

  3. i love barrack

    What a bunch of mesmerized morons you liberals socialist are. keep drinking your koolaide and see what it gets you . Tommy christopher is no different than william ayers IMO . he and his acorn members are a disgrace to the nation . no-one will ever respect this bought and paid for Muslim as a Commander and Chief. I hope you libs are ready to sign because most people with brains will not volunteer to fight for the communist leader barrack hussein


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