American Idol: The Best of the Worst

As the new American Idol season kicks off, The Buffman and Wrench Show brings you the best of the worst.


Buffman and Wrench are joined by David, from as he breaks down this season, last season and why Wrench should go all the way on Idol. Join the discussion tonight at 9pm ET.

IdolWhile you’re here, I thought I’d also point out that Milo Turk, who made quite an impression on American Idol recently with his “No Sex Allowed” song will join the Buffman and Wrench Show next Monday Jan 21, 2008 at 9pm ET. Buffman says he is surely the next William Hung. What do you think?

Milo Turk found a way to get in front of the judges. On Monday he will get in front of Buffman and Wrench to sing the second verse of “No Sex Allowed.” Don’t miss it.

2 thoughts on “American Idol: The Best of the Worst

  1. insurance crm

    Love Ellen but just didnt seem to fit in. Really need people with experience in music indusry who know what there talking about loosing paula and them simon its all but over for idol.


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