An Invitation for President-Elect Obama


One reason Barack Obama may have won the election is because of his ability to reach people on the web. The United States’ first social media President reached out to the American people via Twitter and other social networking sites and he’s not stopping after the election. It was recently reported the President-Elect appointed a social media team to help him in his transition. No doubt, he’ll be using social media as a way to reach the masses throughout his tenure in office.

In his TechCrunch post entitled “Is Obama Ready to Be a Two Way President”, Brian Solis offered suggestions for President-Elect Obama to continue using social media tools to stay in touch with the American public including:

– Complement the Presidential radio show with a regular podcast or livecast on or BlogTalkRadio and also interact with the people online, in real time.

BlogTalkRadio would like to let President-Elect Obama and the American public know we’re up to the task. We invite our new President (and all politicians) to use our technology for interactive town hall meetings, fireside chats, debates and discussions using our call in and chat features.

Barack Obama understands how necessary it is to have an online presence to reach the Internet generation. BlogTalkRadio can help take his social media campaign to a whole new level.

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    No doubt about it, Barack Obama has surrounded himself with core group of techno-savvy people. As a ‘new media’ technology in real time , i believe that this form of online communication such as Blog Talk Tadio and others of its kind, is the future and is here to stay.

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