Astroturfing with Shel Israel and Geoff Livingston

Astrowhat? Wikipedia defines astroturfing as formal public relations projects which deliberately seek to engineer the impression of spontaneous, grassroots behavior.

Or grassroots sleaze, to quote host Toby Bloomberg.

noastroturfing1.gifThe goal is to simulate independent public reaction to a product, service, or cause by orchestrating the behavior of many diverse and geographically distributed individuals. Fakin’ it.

Shel Israel, author of “Naked Conversations” and Geoff Livingston, author of “Now Is Gone” join host Toby on Diva Marketing Talks today at 6:30pm ET to talk about how astroturfing is impacting social media marketing.

For more information, an anti-astroturfing group started by Paull Young and Trevor Cook has developed a great resource and warehouse of information including case studies, commentary and links on The New PR Wiki.

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