Attention Fantasy Footballers, Rotohog on BTR is here!

BlogTalkRadio is thrilled to welcome the debut of the Fantasy Football league to our platform.

The Rotohog Fantasy Football show debuts this Sunday at 11am EST, and will continue weekly on Sunday mornings. Each week, the show will tackle (no pun intended) news, reviews, and insight related to the world of Fantasy Football. This Sunday’s topic is “A look at the skilled positions – Quarterback, Runningback and Wide Receiver.”


I must admit, the most exciting aspect about BlogTalkRadio starting a league at is that as a collective, we can indirectly compete with other local terrestrial radio station while BTR representatives compete with each other for cash prizes. Oh, and it’s free to play. That means, the more sports enthusiasts we get to sign on to the Rotohog BlogTalkRadio Fantasy Football League, the stronger our representation against traditional radio. I know for a fact we have some energetic sports hosts out there who could be some pretty stiff competition!

For more information about how to sign up and join the BTR army of Fantasy Footballers, tune in to Rotohog, or Paul Greco’s Talking Baseball, an offshoot of

The league starts September 6th, so get involved now!


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