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Last week, I spent a wonderful week in Aspen. While I have been to Denver and other parts of the rockies I have never been to Aspen. Well, let me say that the place is absolutely incredible. The entire town sits on the base of Ajax mountain and occupies a six block by six block radius. Great restaurants, music, art, and of course all of the outdoor activities you could want such as hiking, biking, white water rafting, etc. I highly recommend it!!

It’s been almost two weeks since we officially launched BlogTalkRadio. The feedback we have received from our hosts and listeners has been universally positive. Now that the site is live and running we will focus on two key initiatives.

First, we will continue to enhance and improve the site (see below). While I believe we have done a reasonably good job in simplifying a highly complex set of processes, there is still plenty to do.

Secondly, we will spend most of our time finding interesting and provocative hosts. We know that BlogTalkRadio has plenty of great attributes and there are few options out there for live call in streaming and podcasting.

I am excited about introducing BlogTalkRadio to the blogosphere. In just two short weeks we have already attracted more than 160 hosts, originating from more than 30 countries, covering more than 30 genres!

Now on to some of the changes we have made to our site:

Hosts can now find the number of listeners to each show in the segment archives sectioon of the dashboard.

All of our shows are now being archived. Archived shows appear on the host channel page and can be downloaded or listened to at a later date. Please note that for now the archive starts the second you call into your show AND not when the show starts.

You may have noticed that we have changed the programming guide to list BTR hosts as opposed to blogshows. In this way, the host channel guide lists each host only once. You can find all scheduled and archived shows by going to the host channel.

We are also working on a bunch of other enhancements to the site which include:

  • Creating a forum
  • Refining our search process including a search by country/language and genre
  • Deploying a user driven rating system to rate hosts and their blogshows
  • Creating private rooms so users can conduct conference calls without public or unlimited streaming
  • Providing an option for our hosts to utilize toll free numbers (there will be a small charge to the hosts in these instances).
  • Finding a solution for our many international hosts, whereby international callers can use Skype as opposed to dialing a US phone number.

As you can see we have plenty of things to work on the make BTR the best experience it can be for our hosts and listeners. We welcome anyone with a point of view, something interesting to say and a desire to interact with your audience to visit Blogtalkradio and give it a whirl.

If any of you have any comments, questions or accolades please send directly to me at

See you “on-air”.


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