Before You Begin:Your Broadcasting Check List


by Deb

Unlike traditional podcasts that are recorded at the podcaster’s leisure and uploaded after editing, BlogTalkRadio shows are live broadcasts. This means anything can happen. After hosting a few shows most online radio broacasters know how to avoid mishaps. Still it doesn’t hurt to have a checklist handy. Here are a few things to take into consideration before you begin your radio show.

  1. Confirm guests: Don’t trust your guests to remember all the details. Call them the day before your broadcast to confirm. Make sure they have the time, the correct number to call in and any other necessary detail. If you’re not quite confident of your guest’s ability to remember to show up, offer to call before the show as a reminder.
  2. Charge phones: If you’re calling on a landline or cellphone make sure your phone’s batteries have a fresh charge. The last thing you want is to have your batteries run out halfway through an interview.
  3. Check equipment: Make sure all your equipment is working prior to going live. You don’t want any surprises at air time.
  4. Research your topic: Your listeners know when you’re winging it. If you have a special guest or topic, do some research. Find questions to ask or talking points. A well-planned show makes all the difference.
  5. Create a script: Avoid dead air with a script. Prepare an intro, questions for guests, bullet points for discussions and even have some news and items of interest handy in case you need to do more talking than you had originally planned.
  6. Rock the shameless self promotion: Create events on FaceBook and MySpace and spread the word on Twitter. Start doing so a few days in advance to create a buzz.
  7. Collect links and resources: Your listeners might want to learn more about a guest or topic. Collect links and resources where people can learn more and give them out at the end of the show.
  8. Lubricate your throat: Many radio hosts use a “throat coat” tea or other lubricant to keep their voices fresh-sounding throughout the show.
  9. Make sure water, interview questions and talking points are within reach: Have everything handy prior to air time, so there’s no distracting scrounging around during the show.
  10. Send out one last tweet: Just before you’re about to go live send out a tweet on Twitter or tell friends what you’re up to on FaceBook. Get those last minute listeners in.

Do you have a pre-game ritual? Share it with us!

6 thoughts on “Before You Begin:Your Broadcasting Check List


    Make sure water, interview questions and talking points are within reach: Have everything handy prior to air time, so there’s distracting scrounging around during the show.

    Im pretty sure you meant to put the word “no” between the words there’s and distracting.
    Feel free to delete this post after you edit #9


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  3. vitiligo

    seriously, this blog is epic . I think im gonna stick around and read about 6 more of your posts. Yours sincerely


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