Best of BlogTalkRadio: Olympic Edition

As the 2008 Summer Olympics wind down to a close, you may be feeling a little melancholy at seeing the Games end.  In fact, I’m thinking you might enjoy a dose of on demand Olympic action.

Check out our Best of BlogTalkRadio: Olympic Edition featuring interviews with Olympians and discussions about past Olympic games.

  • From the CWAHM archives: Jeffrey Spencer is not only a former Olympian, he’s also a chiropractor, lecturer, life coach to various athletic champions, and author of Turn It Up! How to Perform At Your Highest Level for a Lifetime which is a guidebook to personal success.
  • Listen in  as Valley Black Talk radio show host Julia Ann Dudley has special guest, 1968 track & field Olympian, Reynaldo Brown, reflect and clarify the “black fist” movement initiated by his teammates Tommie Smith and John Carlos.
  • In July Smart Mark Radio welcomed Former Olympian and professional wrestler Bob Roop who talked about his career and and book Death Match.
  • Host Amy Hagberg discussed living the Olympic dream with Kimiko Soldati who was proud to represent the United States of America as a diver in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece despite the overwhelming odds against her.
  • Host  TrevorRFF sat down with Ricardo Azevedo. Azevedo served as assistant coach on the 1996 and 2004 Olympic teams as well as Head Coach of Long Beach State from 1998-2005.

Enjoy the action and have a great weekend!

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