Bittersweet: Dangerous Lee’s Last BlogTalkRadio Show

Dangerous Lee

When I began working for BlogTalkRadio last year, one of the first happy anniversary posts I wrote was for Dangerous Lee. Now, almost exactly  a year later, I’m writing about Dangerous Lee again, only this time it’s bittersweet. Dangerous Lee is taking a hiatus from hosting her own BlogTalkRadio show. Tonight at 8:00, she offers her swan song.

As a writer, no one understands Dangerous Lee’s reason for leaving more than me. Writing is her passion too and she’s taking some time for herself and for her writing. “I suppose it’s been a long time coming.” She told me. “I have done the show for two straight years without a break and quite frankly I need one. I love writing. It’s my passion. And, after trying to get noticed by publishers without any luck it’s time for me to take control and make it happen for myself.” Honey, I hear that. Though she’s vague with the details, Dangerous Lee tells us she is writing a book filled with fictional short stories.

Dangerous Lee has many fond memories of her two years as weekly radio host for BlogTalkRadio and it’s hard for her to pinpoint a favorite moment. “Oh wow! There are so many.” She responded after I asked her to nail down a memory. “I can’t think of any that stick out more than others. It’s been a crazy ride with lots of twists and turns. I’ve had a ball!”

Though it’s sad that we won’t be listening to the Dangerous Lee show every Friday night, you can be assured she’ll still be around. “I will still be a part of The Radio Happy Hour every Tuesday night at 9pm. It’s the #1 comedy show on the network. I’d be a fool to leave Dr. Blogstein and Vinny all alone.” We agree. Some folks need a little supervision.

When asked if she had any final words for her listeners and the BlogTalkRadio community Dangerous Lee responded,”Thanks for listening. Thanks for the love and the support. I’ll miss you!”

We’re going to miss you too!

4 thoughts on “Bittersweet: Dangerous Lee’s Last BlogTalkRadio Show

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  2. Dr. Blogstein

    Dangerous Lee is one of the most unique voices on BlogTalkRadio, which is one of the reasons that I’ll miss her Friday night show. The other reason is that without her Friday night outlet, she’ll probably want to speak more on Tuesdays which might cut into my air time.

    I love you Danga!

    Keep it Dangerous!

  3. jaxx1108

    Dangerous Lee is a beautiful and amazing woman with a very sweet spirit! She has made my two years as a host on blogtalkradio enjoyable, by being a beautiful person to respect and admire. I wish Dangerous Lee the very best and many blessings! Love, jaxx1108 🙂


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