BlogTalkRadio’s Newest Celebrity Host? 350-Pound ‘Loser’ Ron Lester!

Ron Lester’s loss is BlogTalkRadio’s gain.

Since undergoing dramatic duodenal-switch surgery in 2001, the Varsity Blues star not only has a buff new bod, but a new lease on life, too.

And now he’s bringing his inspirational attitude to the world’s largest online radio network.

“Fat-ass” no more.

Ron: “Fat-ass” no more.

Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET, beginning tonight, Ron will talk about his ongoing efforts to stay buff after shedding 350 pounds. He’ll also discuss how he plans to remove all the excess skin left after his procedure.

Moreover, he’ll help others with physical and emotional challenges overcome those hardships – and go, as he tells us, “from fat-ass to kick-ass.”

Tipping the scale as a tubby teen.

Tipping the scale as a tubby teen.

At Ron’s low point several years back, he feared that – even with his svelte new figure – he couldn’t continue living in this cruel, cruel world.

“My then-girlfriend and I courted for a couple of months, and when we were getting ready to have that magical moment, when I got naked, she saw my skin,” Ron told BlogTalkRadio host Brett Cohen last month on World Talk Live!

“I looked like a deflated balloon. It grossed her out.  She broke up with me that night – asked me to leave.  And that about killed me.

“I literally sat out in my truck and I had a gun and I went through all this stuff – I lost the weight and I’m still gettin’ treated like this? I can’t win for winning.

“And I was going to kill myself. But then I said, You know what, she’s not worth it.”

Total hottie today.

But a total hottie today.

After moving from his hometown of Kennesaw, Ga., to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s, Ron began his showbiz career a stand-up comic. His first acting role was in the 1997 flick Good Burger. Two years later, he landed a recurring role on the Judd Apatow-produced NBC comedy Freaks and Geeks.

In 2001, Ron appeared in Not Another Teen Movie, parodying his role as the rotund Billy Bob in Varsity Blues. That same year, he underwent his weight-loss surgery – and flat-lined during the risky procedure.

The actor, 38, now clocks in at a healthy 190 pounds.

To hear Ron’s new show, Ron Lester Online, click here.

To hear Ron’s November 10 interview on World Talk Live!, click here.

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