BlogTalkRadio 101 and BlogTalkRadio Insider: Good for Beginners


If you’re new to BlogTalkRadio, you no doubt have already visited the BlogTalkRadio Learning Center, with its useful tips and screencasts. Did you know there are also a couple of shows you can listen to that will help you get started?

BlogTalkRadio 101

The first, BlogTalkRadio 101 is hosted by Nikki Starr. Nikki answers all of your questions about BlogTalkRadio, especially those that have to do with getting started. Each week, Nikki  takes calls, answer questions from chat and touch on issues having to do with equipment, switchboard, chatrooms and the legalities of using music for your show.

No question is too small or too silly and Nikki answers in a thoughtful, easy to understand manner. If anything about BlogTalkRadio confuses you, or if you just have a question, stop by. You’ll be happy you did!

BlogTalkRadio 101 airs every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. EDT, but don’t worry if you missed the live eppy, you can also catch the archived episodes on demand.

blogtalkradio-insider1 BlogTalkRadio Insider

BlogTalkRadio Insider goes inside BlogTalkRadio and brings you interviews with the folks who work all our behind the scenes magic.¬† Co-hosted by TV Talk’s Shaun Daily and BlogTalkRadio’s Community Manager, Deborah Ng, Insider interviews a member of the BlogTalkRadio team and one of our hosts each week. Learn what it’s like to work for our tech or host services department, or about the day in the live of a BTR staffer, or tune in to find out our hosts’ favorite equipment or traffic tips.

BlogTalkRadio Insider airs Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. EDT, and again, all episodes are available on demand for later listening.

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