BlogTalkradio creates “Pajamas Media Radio” for blogger news aggregation site

BlogTalkRadio and Pajamas Media Join Forces to Provide Interactive Broadcasting Platform for Citizen Journalists with “Pajamas Media Radio.”

blogtalkradio.gifBlogTalkRadio is pleased to announce a licensing and revenue sharing agreement with Pajamas Media, a citizen-publishing, journalist and blogger news aggregation site.

pjm.jpgPajamas Media is an online media company, provides coverage and thoughtful analysis and commentary of issues of the day through their network of over ninety bloggers in 47 countries around the world and through original stories, podcasts and videos.

The new agreement will unite citizen broadcasting and citizen journalism extending the reach of Pajama Media contributors with a new BlogTalkRadio channel called, “Pajamas Media Radio.” The new channel will provide Pajama Media contributors with the ability to host their own talk radio show, share their views and opinions and conduct live interactive discussions to complement their written commentary.

Roger L. Simon, CEO and co-founder of Pajamas Media said:

“BlogTalkRadio gives our correspondents, who are on the ground in 47 countries covering the news, a channel to collectively broadcast their views under one Pajamas Media Radio umbrella. We’re pleased to have entered this agreement. We look forward to extending these citizen-journalism networks as credible sources of information.”

Our own Alan Levy, CEO and co-founder of BlogTalkRadio commented:

“The BlogTalkRadio network is the perfect platform for Pajamas Media contributors to verbally express themselves. Pajama Media contributors now can host debates and panel discussions in a live, interactive public forum that cannot be duplicated in print.”

We’re pleased to tell you that since the company’s 2006 launch, thousands of hosts have broadcast more than 34,000 shows on this social radio network. That’s amazing. With Pajamas Media’s bloggers, the number of outstanding shows will continue to grow.

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