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When we talk about social networks,  Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, .Ning and usually come to mind. Most of the Web 2.o crowd think of BlogTalkRadio as a place to listen to diverse programming and host online radio shows, and they’re not wrong. However, BlogTalkRadio is indeed a social network. It’s a lively online social radio community that can be used as a marketing tool, research resource or just a place to make new friends.

BlogTalkRadio offers many ways for  community members to learn, network and interact. For instance, each live broadcast offers the ability for listeners to particulate in a live chat and even to call in to ask questions of hosts and guests. This is a favorite way for members of the BlogTalkRadio community to mingle with like-minded people. The chatrooms are also a worthy networking tool. While spamming the chatroom with links or show pitches is generally frowned upon, many of our listeners do enjoy talking to the people they meet in the chatrooms and take it to the forum or email once the chatroom closes.

Like many social networks, BlogTalkRadio allows its registered members to “friend” other members. There are benefits to befriending others in the BlogTalkRadio community as it’s a way to learn about upcoming shows and events. Members may also send direct messages to each other as a way to connect and carry on a discussion. Like Facebook, BlogTalkRadio friends receive updates when new shows are posted, when friends comment and more.

As a research tool BlogTalkRadio is top notch. With hundreds of shows being broadcast daily, interested parties can listen to hours of programming on a favorite topic or topic. Not only are our hosts experts, but they also interview the best in the field. BlogTalkRadio can be used for research for homework, projects, term papers, blogs, articles and so much more.

Members of BlogTalkRadio also have access to the BlogTalkRadio forum and Yahoo group. The chatrooms are only open for the duration of the live broadcast and direct messages only include two people in the conversation. The forum and Yahoo group allow our members to share and interact at length.

As you can see, BlogTalkRadio is more than a place to listen to online radio. It’s another way to learn, interact, network and make friends online.

How do you use BlogTalkRadio?

2 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio As a Social Network

  1. Dianne

    I’d like to be able to utilize promoting people to BTR-Health Watch Radio. I haven’t been able to figure it out. I know where to go to enter emails, but how do I find the emails of listeners and hosts for other BTR shows to invite them?

  2. Deborah Ng

    Hi Dianne,

    Do a search for the shows that interest you most. Add them as a friend. After they are friended you can send them messages via your “My BlogTalkRadio” page.

    Hope that helps!


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