BlogTalkRadio Business Solutions Works for You

Did you know that BlogTalkRadio is more than just another pretty, highly-effective, social citizen broadcasting network? It’s also a business tool. A powerful one.

BlogTalkRadio’s Business Solutions brings the innovative BlogTalkRadio technology to the business community. Whether one’s business focus is on consumers, employees, or partners, our interactive citizen network can help market, monetize and brand your company. Here is just a sampling of the ways in which BlogTalkRadio’s Business Solutions can help put that missing piece into your business plan.

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  • Live Streaming Services: BlogTalkRadio provides the tools needed to broadcast live and archive shows with your own podcast feed. All the content created by the company is owned by you. Users can monetize via ads/sponsorships and keep 100% of the revenue.
  • Web 2.0 Conference Calling: BlogTalkRadio’s robust tools allow for text chat, hand-raising, and call-screening features that can be placed on company websites or behind firewalls. International attendees can listen or participate online or via phone. BlogTalkRadio’s solution is very affordable and, unlike other third party conference calling solutions, BlogTalkRadio allows the calls/programs to occur in your selected environment. Additionally, mp3 archives of your programs are included in our standard offering along with the RSS feeds.
  • Social Radio Stations and Private Radio Networks: With a station on BlogTalkRadio, one’s business will receive the benefit of BlogTalkRadio’s traffic in addition to multiple revenue streams via banner and audio ads. Your company can have its own private radio network simply by placing the station on the company web site and emulating BlogTalkRadio’s model, further helping you to monetize your company’s investment by keeping visitors/traffic on your site. Or, simulcast in both environments and increase your traffic plus advertiser interest due to the programs’ expanded reach via multiple listening locations.
  • Event Broadcasting: BlogTalkRadio allows businesses to broadcast live before, during and after an event to drive attendance, especially while featuring call-in shows happening during event. We will help schedule guests and place our technology on your site so call-in shows stream live to build buzz and interest. BlogTalkRadio can also provide an on site professional host to interview speakers, sponsors and attendees while company organizers focus on your event.
  • Production Services: BlogTalkRadio provides consultation and production services to assist your company in creating content for multiple profiles and to run all your shows

BlogTalkRadio’s Business Solutions is an affordable, interactive way to monetize your company’s marketing and communications initiatives. Why not take this innovative combination of easy-to-use broadcast tools and turn it into profit? For more information and contact information visit our newly redesigned Business Solutions site.

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